Growth Mirror Program

Growth Mirror Program or simply GMP, as the name proposes, captures numerous parameter of understanding of a subject by a learner. GMP employs MCQ or multiple choice questions on mainly science subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and interprets the result into a percentile built outcome for a given standard. The tests are fully OPEN-BOOK and the learners are encouraged to carry & use in all the means she or he feels essential, including the internet during the time of writing the papers,

This is offered from Standard Six (VI) to Standard Twelve (XII) and is centered on all Science subjects. Subjects like Geography may find a way later on.

The result published for the test will have two major traits - Negative & Positive. The positive traits mainly are those a learner wants to rise, like concentration, understanding of the subject etc. The negative traits mainly are those a learner wants to decrease, like misconception, incapability to think with given clues etc.

GMP also sub-divides the consequence into two premier spheres or domains - The Question & the Answer. So, it is likely to identify a given trait both with the Question sphere and/or Answer sphere.

A question sphere trait manifests itself when the learner tries to understand the question; and similarly Answer sphere comes into play when the learner has understood the question and is trying to find the answer.

Some example of traits are mentioned below.

Positive Trait:

  • Question Sphere Took cue from Query,
  • Can relate to similar problem in the same Question paper,
  • Answer Sphere Studious,
  • Applied,
  • Can pull inference,
  • Out of Box thinking,
  • Can Spread Knowledge etc.

Negative Trait:

  • Question Sphere
  • Answer Sphere
  • Didn't comprehend the question
  • Loss of attentiveness while understanding the question (doesn't read complete question) etc.
  • Major misconception about the subject
  • Minor misconception about the subject
  • Lack of Understanding the Subject
  • Lack of awareness etc.
  • Each of the parameter will get a numeric percentile for that trait

We have taken the test in many schools in West-Bengal of different Boards like WBBSE (Madhyamik & Higher Secondary), CISCE (ICSE & ISC), CBSE India and have got a huge responses from the students and their parents.