We aim to build teams of individuals who can bring technological changes in the universal environment. We wish to grow rapidly by creating a strong tradition of great quality, dependability and profitable software education with the final aim of satisfaction of all students.

GMP Academy offers courses are not about learning all technologies, but relevant ones in a appropriate society. These take into account your academic qualification and aptitude and increase your opportunities of securing a job.

The courses offered in GMP Institute of Computer Studies:

Enables students to shape a strong theoretical stream base to cover the way for corrective skills as well as exploration.

Moreover, helps to communicate students with essential skills, knowledge base and practical know-how to be capable to get employed in a challenging & dynamic economic environment which is being continuously transformed by change in industry requirements or advances in technology.

The courses are designed to aid students not only study to what they want to but also realise what the students would like to focus in.

GMP Institute is the only institute that offers Programs like:

  • Certification in Basic Computing: designed mainly for age groups 5+ to 10+2 level students.
  • Certification in Advanced Computing: For 10+2 students / non-technical grads looking for jobs in IT.
  • Certification Cloud Computing: For technical graduates & who completed level 1 & level 2

We offers these courses consisting of technologies or domains like:

  • C
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • PHP
  • RDMS with PL-SQL
  • Salesforce dot com or SFDC & other Cloud Computing technologies

And lots more............

GMP provides quality Management Education to working professionals providing a really rich learning practise.