Introducing GMP Institute.....

We are proud to introduce GMP institute.

A new concept in education with diverse wings like:

    • GMP Institute for Science
    • GMP Institute for Dance & Music
    • GMP Institute for Computer Studies
    • GMP Finishing School

GMP Institute for Science

(for boards like West Bengal , ICSE & CBSE)

    • Theoretical Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
          (for Standards VI-XII)
    • Practical Class with complete laboratory setup
          (for Physics,Chemistry for Standard VI - XII)
    • Mock Test in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
    • Educational Tours
    • Classrooms with Audio & Visual facility
    • Future Focus learning methodology

GMP Institute for Computer Studies

    • Basic Computer skills
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Programming languages like Java, C, C++.
    • Web Development skills with HTML, CSS and PHP.
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • Software Projects

GMP Finishing School

    • Grooming & Personality Development
    • Spoken English
    • Interview Skills
    • Group Discussion
    • Time Management
    • Career Guidance